Wacky Things Of Japan 2011 - Part 1

Saw this item in a kids store in Japan.  Not sure why someone would make this....

1) No, let's not make bananas clustered.
2) No, I don't think I will use it as an accessory case.

It looks like there a couple of more things it does written in Japanese but I can't read it.


I love Pumpkin - Part 1

I'm not sure when it started exactly...within the last 10 years for sure, I think after eating Japanese pumpkin (aka Kabocha) and realizing how tasty and healthy it is.  Since then, I have been searching and trying any and all things pumpkin (American or Japanese).  At some point, I think I will have tried enough pumpkin items that I could have an entire day's meal of different pumpkin items (including beverages of course!). 

Today's first entry was a pleasant surprise for me.  Found it in the Family Mart (US=Famima!) store.  Its Haagen Dazs Pumpkin!  It had a tiny swirl of (I think) Caramel.  I really liked it.  I like that Haagen Dazs is pushing and trying new flavors (that is another thing I like about Japan and will be explored further in future posts).   I think they are doing special flavors in the US as well but this flavor would probably be too radical for them as in the US pumpkin is only considered a holiday food (and usually only Thanksgiving) plus this one is more on the Kabocha style as you can tell from the picture.

Out of 5 stars, I rate this a 4.


Things From Japan Part 1: 3D Cell Phone

Okay America, we are really behind when we don't even have a 3D cell phone yet!