Covers better than the original - part 3 (Lost, draft post from 2010)

Beatles - I Want You/She's So Heavy vs. The Bee Gees

  • what's with the caravan groove in the middle?
  • fade out is waaayyy to long and then has awkward cut off
  • really nailed the nasty groove part, but seems like George didn't know what to do with it

Bee Gees: 
  • better bass line
  • better production
  • just general more polished, better musicianship overall

Covers better than the originals - Part 2 (Lost, draft post from 2010)

Bruce Springsteen - Born To Run vs. Frankie Goes To Hollywood 

Very similar production-wise but Trevor Horn fine tuned this gem (even keeping the crisp, clean, xylophone) and Holly's performance turns this gem of love on the run into a song about homosexual persecution.

FGTH - orgasm groan is a bit too much really...

Covers better than the originals - Part 1 (Lost, draft post from 2010)

Greg Kihn Band - Jeopardy vs. Weird Al Yankovic - I Lost On Jeopardy

WA - lyrics are better and go somewhere, mimics the original production perfectly?
The sort of monotonous groove seems more fitting to the lyric subject matter.  losing, bored.

GK - great groove, but the lyrics are kind of forgettable other than the chorus.  even with that, it doesn't SOUND like his love's in jeopardy.  he seems matter-of-fact about it.


Mosburger salted caramel churros

Mosburger now selling salted caramel mini churros.  Great packaging design, sadly not that tasty as they aren't crispy, more like a soft cookie, but only 100 yen


Buffalo Daughter new digital release (For US)

Japanese band Buffalo Daughter is releasing their 2010 album, Weapons Of Math Destruction in the US digitally on June 13th.  Additionally, you can buy an actual CD at their 4 date tour in the US:

Probably in support of their tour due to their appearance at the Hollywood Bowl on June 26th with Yellow Magic Orchestra, Towa Tei and the reunited Cibo Matto (http://www.hollywoodbowl.com/tickets/performance-detail.cfm?id=4529)


IVY is back!

Was pleasantly surprised to see that the band, IVY is back.  New single out now and album out in September.  It really exceeded my expectations and is more synth-based than ever!  Check it out streaming on their webpage.



Wacky Things Of Japan 2011 Part 3 (iPhone 4 cover that looks like a cassette)

Hot item from Akihabara!  Yep, if you want to go really retro, you can disguise your iPhone4 as a crappy cassette (look it up on Wikipedia, kids).  Looks pretty cool though I think... And only about $12 bucks.  Maybe something that Erika Toda would use? :)


Wacky Things Of Japan 2011 Part 2 (iPhone 4 Cover that looks like a shoe)

If only I had an iPhone4 to use it.  Shoe for your iPhone4! :)


Japanese Products Part 3 - Kit Kat Shinkansen (Bullet Train) (Flavor??!?)

Just kidding...  It's not Shinkansen flavor but a special Nozumi Shinkansen edition of Kit Kat that comes in a box shaped like the famed Osaka to Tokyo Shinkansen.  Inside the box is a bunch of the regular petit Kit Kat but with Shinakensen trivia on it plus some stickers.  I picked this up at that Nagoya Shineansen waiting area for my son...yeah, my son. :)