Wacky Things Of Japan 2011 - Part 1

Saw this item in a kids store in Japan.  Not sure why someone would make this....

1) No, let's not make bananas clustered.
2) No, I don't think I will use it as an accessory case.

It looks like there a couple of more things it does written in Japanese but I can't read it.


I love Pumpkin - Part 1

I'm not sure when it started exactly...within the last 10 years for sure, I think after eating Japanese pumpkin (aka Kabocha) and realizing how tasty and healthy it is.  Since then, I have been searching and trying any and all things pumpkin (American or Japanese).  At some point, I think I will have tried enough pumpkin items that I could have an entire day's meal of different pumpkin items (including beverages of course!). 

Today's first entry was a pleasant surprise for me.  Found it in the Family Mart (US=Famima!) store.  Its Haagen Dazs Pumpkin!  It had a tiny swirl of (I think) Caramel.  I really liked it.  I like that Haagen Dazs is pushing and trying new flavors (that is another thing I like about Japan and will be explored further in future posts).   I think they are doing special flavors in the US as well but this flavor would probably be too radical for them as in the US pumpkin is only considered a holiday food (and usually only Thanksgiving) plus this one is more on the Kabocha style as you can tell from the picture.

Out of 5 stars, I rate this a 4.


Things From Japan Part 1: 3D Cell Phone

Okay America, we are really behind when we don't even have a 3D cell phone yet!


Videogame movie cheese in HD

Well, well, well.  HD Net is showing both Cloak & Dagger (Dabney Colman and that ET kid) as well as The Wizard (Fred Savage) in the upcoming week in full HD quality!   Two kids videogame movies back-to-back.  Looking forward to that.

Have to admit I never saw The Wizard but looking forward to seeing old NES games on "the big screen".   

Cloak & Dagger was probably one of the last early 80s videogame tie-in films (ala Tron and The Last Starfighter -- although that game never was completed).  C&D's game was by Atari and was called Agent X and I remember playing it quite voraciously during my 14th or 15th birthday at the old (and no longer there) Malibu Grand Prix in Northridge (a go-cart/arcade paradise).

Reviews to follow!


Wacky Things of Japan 2010 - Part 5

Totally inappropriate baby clothing! Does the child need to start on the weed this early in life?? :)
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Wacky Things of Japan 2010 - Part 4

I think the box copy says it all. Another Akihabara find.
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Wacky Things Of Japan 2010 - Part 3

Nothing more fun then a game of fake Russian Roulette. Wonder what the original one was like (since this is Russian Roulette II)?? I also like the background says something about it being dangerous but you can't read it. That's probably not important! :)
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Wacky Things Of Japan 2010 - Part 2

Found this in Akihabra. Forget about the bad grammar...why do we need a radio controlled moving tissue box? Are we really that lazy? What are you using tissue box for? Blowing nose only I hope.
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Wacky Things Of Japan 2010 - Part 1

Yes, it's Cats!  That can only mean that I'm in Japan and I'm sharing my "wacky" photos.  This is just the beginning!

From Japan Trip 2010 - Wacky Things


La Bionda - I Wanna Be Your Lover video

I found this video accidentally on the Interwebs (while searching for a picture of the Japanese pop group from the 70s, Finger 5 - a Japanese Jackson 5 inspired group).

It's amazing 80s technology, cheesy Heavy Metal type animation and '80s video effects. Daft Punk has surely borrowed heavily visually and musically from these lads. I thought it was so good that I didn't think it was original at first but some kind of tribute, but it appears to be authentic from 1980. Apparently, they were a big Italian disco group. If you don't smile when they do the hand-claps, you just might not be human! :)


Time to start your own 8-bit band with help from Sony

Start your own 8-bit band with this royalty-free sample disc from Sony Creative Software.
 8 Bit Weapon

There's a few samples on the link.  Sounds good except for the Atari 2600 sample.  Thought they would at least remove the buzz (is that 60 cycle Hz hum?) from the sample even though that's not authentic.


Groovy town - Call Me with Walter Wanderley & Victor M. on Drums

Rare video of Brazilian super-star organist Walt Wanderley doing the classic "Call Me" to lighten the mood.

I think the audio quality is a little better if you select 480p.  This clip is very '70s.  Walter doesn't seem very happy but it's a pretty groovy version. Unfortunately, they do not show his hands when he does that hyper-staccato thing he does on the keys every once in a while (his trademark?).  Anyone got any video of that??

The opening graphic right away tells you to prepare for awesomeness.  Then you got a polyester paradise and it looks like Walt is sporting a silk ascot...classy!  And sitting on three stacked chairs!  Drummer's got a total 70s 'stash and wavy hair too (not to mention his floral pattern shirt).  Man, I love the '70s.


OK...Spies Like Us comments really coming soon! :)


Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me in HD (Premiere!)

The HD premier of the motion picture, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me was on HD Net Movies this month (still on this month if you missed it - you are watching this channel, right? They show tons of yet-to-be-released-on-Blu-Ray HD movies). Picture quality was pretty good, little bit dirty at times but better than the DVD I think. I was excited to watch it as I hadn't seen it in a while. But now, after seeing it, I really don't think I need to see it again. I mean, it is really, really, depressing! Not quite on the Dancer In The Dark or Requiem For A Dream scale (I will NEVER watch those movies again!), but it's pretty close up there.

**SPOILER** (highlight to read) Still can't believe I never understood before after watching 2 or 3 times that the Dad also had raped his daughter?! **END SPOILER**

Geez, what a happy, little film! How could Lynch have even thought people would want more of this after the TV show?? A good example of how a prequel was not necessary. The TV show was able to convey the badness well enough I think (well, maybe not totally, but this movie was overkill). For me, just Laura's theme alone was able to convey the tragedy for me (what a beautiful theme!). I watched the pilot again and I have to say that I still tear up when it is played! :o   The film is technically well done (I mean, I was sad..) and is interesting story-wise for Twin Peaks fans. Still I'd have a hard time sitting through it again. That said, I would really like to see the often-rumored deleted scenes. Apparently there's quite a bit and some French company is sitting on them and Lynch needs money to restore the scenes to his level of quality before they can be released.  Someday??

OK, and if you don't know what Twin Peaks is...well, just go find some clips on You Tube or read  up on it on Wikipedia...It was a great, strange TV show (have to say, its 90s fashion and wired telephones is dating it more than I thought!).  If you like what you see, go rent the Gold Box.  It's great stuff.

On a lighter note, almost done with Spies Like Us! :)