Rip Taylor sighting!

Saw Rip Taylor today in the food court at Century City Westfield Shopingtown thingy (whatever they call it).


Have you been to his website? It is amazing!
Apparently, his image has appeared on a green bell peper.

Strange, but true!


Americans are crazy #32

I'm going to France next month, so my wife and I picked up a French conversation CD. To show you how cheap or crazy Americans can be, check out these bizarre conversations that would probably never be in a regular conversation CD.

Lesson 12:

[mad tone of voice]
"Does anyone here speak English??"

Yes, so often I go to a foreign country and I just need to talk to an English lawyer. It happens more than you'd think!

Lesson 14
"Do you have a senior discount?"

Yeah, senior discount... in France. Okay... I'm sure French McDonalds has one.


ZTT paper plates? Posted by Hello

Uncanny! Posted by Hello

t.A.T.u. is back??

Yes, t.A.T.u. is back, not with music (although they are rumored to be working with Trevor Horn again), but as an animated movie. Found it by accidentally while looking for information about the new Wong Kar Wai film 2046.

So, there's not much info out yet (comes out November in Japan and UK).
Here's t.A.T.u. Paragate
Part of this film (only the opening credits as rumored on the net) will be directed by the guy who did Cowboy Bebop which is one of the few anime shows worth watching from a few years ago.


invasion of the Fry Guys?

No, it's just the album cover to Rip Slyme's new album, "Masterpiece".

This contains their 3 singles from this year, Dandelion (March), Galaxy (July) and one from last month (October).

Rip Slyme - Masterpiece +1 (Japan: WPCL-10140) Nov 3
-note that this is the version with a bonus track.

Rip Slyme is a pretty decent hip hop group that's been around for over ten years in Japan. The really mix the styles up.


new Sasumu Yokota

Susumu Yokota started out as a house DJ, but over the last few years has been doing avant-garde/classical music with some club elements. Interesting. Check out some samples at Allmusic New album:

Susumu Yokota - Symbol (Japan: Oct 27, 2004)


new HalCali album

Those young teen girl duo pop rapper, HalCali are back with a second album.

Halcali - new album (Japan: FLCF-4013) Nov 24, 2004
11 tracks featuring contributions from Fantastic Plastic Machine & Verbal (M-flo) and others.


Denki Groove dvd

Denki Groove, the Japanese techno unit, is back with a brand new (and previously delayed) DVD release (Region 2 only).

Denki Groove - brand new dvd (Japan: KSBL-5793) Dec. 22, 2004
live performance footage from 1) WIRE 04, 17 July and 2) Rising Sun Rock Festival 2004, 14 August. Tracks: Intro-Garigari Kun, Nothing's Gonna Change, Dareda!, Smileless Smile, I only Wanna Be With You, Denki Biribiri, Fujisan and more. Also includes previously unseen video clip for Cafe de Oni.


Firefox released!

As you can see on the right, I've got a nice banner for the Firefox web browser. This is an open source browser and it's really good. I finally ditched IE after it (or Office) messed up my settings -- now IE doesn't run anyways and I had to re-register all my applications.

Not only that, but there is a great mail client very similar to Outlook called Thunderbird. It's pretty good.

Click on the link. Check it out.


new m-flo single covering Miu Sakamoto

M-Flo's new single, out Nov 17th in Japan features a version of "The Other Side of Love" which was a Ryuichi Sakamoto non-album single that was the first appearance of his daughter Miu as a singer. It was a great track.

M-Flo - new single (Japan: RZCD-45140) Nov. 17, 2004


newmusicmachine is coming...

Sorry about the delay, but I'm still having server logon issues with the old site newmusicmachine.com. Once it is back up, I'll let you know!

old 808 state coming

808 State made it big at the beginning of the techno scene in the very late '80s and very early '90s. Now, Rephlex records (Aphex Twin's label) is now releasing this rare, pre/early 808 state acid/techno material. Should be interesting as their album 90 was a classic!

808 State - Prebuild (UK) October 4, 2004
Sex Mechanic
K .narcossa
Thermo Kings


new HalCali single coming

Halcali - brand new single (FLCF-7090) Oct 20

Henry Mancini Japanese reissues

for release on Oct 20, 2004 in Japan:

Henry Mancini - Breakfast at Tiffany's (BVCM-37534)
Henry Mancini - Charade (BVCM-37535)
Henry Mancini - Two For The Road (BVCM-37536)
Henry Mancini - Hatari! (BVCM-37537)

-ltd. paper sleeve 24bit K2 remasters

But... when are we going to start seeing 2 channel SACD or DVDA's?


Viva Voce

Saw this band at Viper Room tonight. They were EXCELLENT!

Please check them out. www.vivavoce.com

Kind of Ivy, Yo La Tengo, My Bloody Valentine, Mazzy Star and others all mixed together. They are a married couple and Kevin (with his Brian Wilson 70s beard) is a great drummer and arranger and Anita is very cute, great singer and great guitarist (playing real tenderly and then the next moment rocking out with feedback and pedals).

Oh yeah, Orlando Bloom was in the house. He was wearing some 70s rock t-shirt and he looked very much like this guy I was in band with in high school. He was a total '70s rocker and wore Boston t-shirts and played drums.


The Man Called Flinstone

The Man Called Flinstone - Videodetective.com

What??!? There was a Flinstones movie in 1966 and it was a spy parody??!? Huh? Check out this link for a caaarazy '60s spy song. Title is a play of of In Like Flint and Man From U.N.C.L.E. I believe...

Coming out on DVD on Dec 7th.


Why Japan is better than America #143

Tiny plastic wrap for tiny things.

If you want to wrap an apple, why do you have to use such a large sheet? Japan has the answer with its mini-plastic wrap. It's only a couple of inches wide for the smaller things in the world.


Why Japan is better that America #34

The Magic Sponge

This is a sponge that cleans the toughest stains off of anything. It's has very tiny pores. I think I saw it finally advertised in America on "As Seen On TV" commercial. It's about time, America!