Spies Like Us...in HD!

Continuing my series of movies that maybe don't qualify as high-brow cinema but are showing in 1080i HD, is Spies Like Us. I haven't watched it since it came out. In fact, I know the theme song much better then the actual movie. Especially because the 12" single had a rare remix by the Art Of Noise which was one of my favorite groups. So, recorded this off of HD Net Movies (great channel). And looking forward to watching it soon. Decoys!!??!
Did I mention that I once saw John Landis in a supermarket on Thanksgiving a few years ago? :D

As for Convoy.... well, I did watch it. What a strange film! I can't say it was great, but I was entranced with its 70s super-wide cinematography. I'm sure the movie has never been seen this way in a long time. Watching it on VHS or DVD probably lost a lot (don't think it was letterboxed on DVD...was it?) The movie was funny. There is a ridiculous amount of slow motion at the beginning of the film when there is a fight in a bar. And there's a whole political story line which just doesn't make any sense, but it was entertaining. Lots of slow mo trucks crashing through prop-houses later in the film too. And who can not like Ernest Borgnine? :) I did feel bad for Ali McGraw. She ditched her career for this?? (Sorry, been brainwashed by Kid Stays In The Picture I guess!) The movie didn't seem that manly though. You figured there'd be a lot more nudity..but I guess they were going for realistic (?!). Plus, the Convoy song is so fruity. Especially the chorus part. Still love it though!