Convoy... in HD!

Some things in life I just can't explain. One of these things is the giddy excitement I feel when I find out that a movie that will probably never be released on Blu-Ray (oh, okay at least a couple of years) is going to be shown on a High Definition movie channel. I'm not sure why but I take some weird satisfaction in this!

This month, MGM HD is showing a movie that is truly deserving of High Definition - 70s CB classic - Convoy! One of the few movies based off of a hit song (maybe Hollywood will go back to this tradition after comic books?) sung by C.W Mc Call. But did you also know that the music was co-written by Chip Davis, founder of Mannheim Steamroller (!?!).

So put on your truckin' hat and fire up the CB radio good buddy and enjoy this film in a quality that you probably were never expected to! See every pore on Ernest Brgnine's face. See Kris Kristofferson amazingly ripped abs (!). Ali MacGraw is in it too dudes.

This film is part of MGM's "Retrospective" of Sam Peckinpah. I'm not sure he would approve! Well, MGM is trying. Since they don't license other studios films, their retrospectives are kind of strange. The Robert Dino one is Raging Bull (OK), Ronin (I guess) and Flawless (what?).