La Bionda - I Wanna Be Your Lover video

I found this video accidentally on the Interwebs (while searching for a picture of the Japanese pop group from the 70s, Finger 5 - a Japanese Jackson 5 inspired group).

It's amazing 80s technology, cheesy Heavy Metal type animation and '80s video effects. Daft Punk has surely borrowed heavily visually and musically from these lads. I thought it was so good that I didn't think it was original at first but some kind of tribute, but it appears to be authentic from 1980. Apparently, they were a big Italian disco group. If you don't smile when they do the hand-claps, you just might not be human! :)


Time to start your own 8-bit band with help from Sony

Start your own 8-bit band with this royalty-free sample disc from Sony Creative Software.
 8 Bit Weapon

There's a few samples on the link.  Sounds good except for the Atari 2600 sample.  Thought they would at least remove the buzz (is that 60 cycle Hz hum?) from the sample even though that's not authentic.


Groovy town - Call Me with Walter Wanderley & Victor M. on Drums

Rare video of Brazilian super-star organist Walt Wanderley doing the classic "Call Me" to lighten the mood.

I think the audio quality is a little better if you select 480p.  This clip is very '70s.  Walter doesn't seem very happy but it's a pretty groovy version. Unfortunately, they do not show his hands when he does that hyper-staccato thing he does on the keys every once in a while (his trademark?).  Anyone got any video of that??

The opening graphic right away tells you to prepare for awesomeness.  Then you got a polyester paradise and it looks like Walt is sporting a silk ascot...classy!  And sitting on three stacked chairs!  Drummer's got a total 70s 'stash and wavy hair too (not to mention his floral pattern shirt).  Man, I love the '70s.


OK...Spies Like Us comments really coming soon! :)