Spies Like Us...in HD!

Continuing my series of movies that maybe don't qualify as high-brow cinema but are showing in 1080i HD, is Spies Like Us. I haven't watched it since it came out. In fact, I know the theme song much better then the actual movie. Especially because the 12" single had a rare remix by the Art Of Noise which was one of my favorite groups. So, recorded this off of HD Net Movies (great channel). And looking forward to watching it soon. Decoys!!??!
Did I mention that I once saw John Landis in a supermarket on Thanksgiving a few years ago? :D

As for Convoy.... well, I did watch it. What a strange film! I can't say it was great, but I was entranced with its 70s super-wide cinematography. I'm sure the movie has never been seen this way in a long time. Watching it on VHS or DVD probably lost a lot (don't think it was letterboxed on DVD...was it?) The movie was funny. There is a ridiculous amount of slow motion at the beginning of the film when there is a fight in a bar. And there's a whole political story line which just doesn't make any sense, but it was entertaining. Lots of slow mo trucks crashing through prop-houses later in the film too. And who can not like Ernest Borgnine? :) I did feel bad for Ali McGraw. She ditched her career for this?? (Sorry, been brainwashed by Kid Stays In The Picture I guess!) The movie didn't seem that manly though. You figured there'd be a lot more nudity..but I guess they were going for realistic (?!). Plus, the Convoy song is so fruity. Especially the chorus part. Still love it though!


Convoy... in HD!

Some things in life I just can't explain. One of these things is the giddy excitement I feel when I find out that a movie that will probably never be released on Blu-Ray (oh, okay at least a couple of years) is going to be shown on a High Definition movie channel. I'm not sure why but I take some weird satisfaction in this!

This month, MGM HD is showing a movie that is truly deserving of High Definition - 70s CB classic - Convoy! One of the few movies based off of a hit song (maybe Hollywood will go back to this tradition after comic books?) sung by C.W Mc Call. But did you also know that the music was co-written by Chip Davis, founder of Mannheim Steamroller (!?!).

So put on your truckin' hat and fire up the CB radio good buddy and enjoy this film in a quality that you probably were never expected to! See every pore on Ernest Brgnine's face. See Kris Kristofferson amazingly ripped abs (!). Ali MacGraw is in it too dudes.

This film is part of MGM's "Retrospective" of Sam Peckinpah. I'm not sure he would approve! Well, MGM is trying. Since they don't license other studios films, their retrospectives are kind of strange. The Robert Dino one is Raging Bull (OK), Ronin (I guess) and Flawless (what?).


The Rewind: alphabetical evening (More ABC Live)

The Rewind: alphabetical evening

This blog has some great photos on it as well as one video for The Look Of Love overture (not on the BBC2 Radio Broadcast) from the ABC "Look Of Love" concert. Additionally, this is the first site to have a posted a full set list (a couple ABC live rarities in there). Pictures of Go West (?!?), Tony Hadley (Spandau Ballet) and Tessa Niles can be found as well..


ABC at the Royal Albert Hall review

ABC at the Royal Albert Hall review

A real reunion even down to the production team - Trevor Horn, Anne Dudley and even original engineer Gary Langan! Make sure to scroll to the bottom for a You Tube clip. Will be broadcast on BBC Radio 2 in the UK this Saturday. Lucky us!


David Lynch and Moby Jam | David Lynch Foundation Television Beta

David Lynch and Moby Jam | David Lynch Foundation Television Beta

The team up you've been waiting for... In case you hadn't heard, David Lynch Foundation is promoting transcendental meditation around the world, especially for children. Lots of interesting videos on that site.


Vote for Your Favorite Sesame Street Moment

Vote for Your Favorite Sesame Street Moment

For upcoming 30th anniversary, you can vote for the best clips to be on the forthcoming DVD in November.

I watched a few of these and they really brought back the memories... Still good stuff even today.


IMDb Video: Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze

IMDb Video: Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze

Hilarious, hilarious 1975 movie trailer. Based on the comic book character. You'd think an action/superhero movie trailer would be full of excitement, action. WRONG! He spends his time doing astronomy and working on inventions that "one day" MAY be useful to mankind (maybe not).

Now available from the Warner Brothers archive

I just might have to buy this...


Americans are crazy??!?!

Recently, I added Google Analytics to my Blogger page. I haven't done this since I used to have newmusicmachine.com website and GA didn't exist back then. I was always fascinated by how much information is captured when you visit a website. One of them is what kind of words people get to your site from search engines. Even though I've only started this week, it's unanimous - the people of the world are doing lots of searches for "Crazy Americans!" (or some variant). So of course, I'm pumping up my hits with this article title!


Beatles jump into 'Rock Band'

Beatles jump into 'Rock Band'

The rumors finally come true. Beatles Rock Band in September. With instruments designed to look like the Beatles instruments. Man, this Rock Band game/concept is just a giant money machine!

There's even a temporary website to get you excited. Number 9? :)


Overanalyzing the "Classics": Smokey & The Bandit

Smokey & The Bandit was on HDnet movies channel the other day (in HD natch). I watched it and I have some questions.

1) They did all this for COORS!!?!?!? WTF? Go drink Bud or some beer.

2) Why when the Bandit goes over a broken bridge his Trans-Am flies into the air as if there was some ramp but when the police cars following him try to do the same, they fall straight into the river??!? What is this, the A-Team?

3) Why didn't the Snowman hate the Bandit? All he does is drive around real fast avoiding the police and getting chicks. Isn't Snowman really doing all the work? Bandit is just occasionally a diversion so that Snowman doesn't get pulled over for speeding? Couldn't they have just taken the tickets, made the party and pay the tickets off with the cash they got?

4) Paul Williams is really that short!?! I didn't realize!

5) On a wild chase through the countryside, how do Bandit's female fans set up a "GO BANDIT" banner in the exact location he is going to drive by? How on earth would they know he would drive on that road at that time? He was changing roads like crazy...he didn't have time to CB his constant position!

6) How come Sally Field's character never tell Bandit that she's being chased because the cop is the father of her to-be husband? Wouldn't he be pissed about that after doing all that work?

Michael Jackson Auction - Catalog List - 2009

Michael Jackson is selling his stuff. Make sure to check out catalogs number 5 & 6 which is all of his games and Disneyana stuff. A lot of bargains on arcade games. Nothing too crazy...but he does have in-store display units of some pretty rare home videogame systems that are priced pretty low ($100 for 3DO display). Doesn't mention the condition either though. Catalog's 7 & 8 are coming (soon?) and will have his memorabilia.

Michael Jackson Auction - Catalog List - 2009

All Virgin Megastores to close by summer - 3/3/2009 - Video Business

The end of an era. Granted, the recent relevance of Virgin Megastore was marginalized greatly by Amazon and iTunes but back in the day, they were pretty good stores (sans the Mills stores).
I used to work at Virgin and I'm a little sad to see them go. Never got to make it out to the Times Square store. The old Hollywood location used to be my favorite. Good place to check out the latest stuff especially import CDs/records. Well, we will always have our pleasant memories. Thanks Virgin Megastore and so long!

Virgin to close by summer - 3/3/2009 - Video Business