Viva Voce

Saw this band at Viper Room tonight. They were EXCELLENT!

Please check them out. www.vivavoce.com

Kind of Ivy, Yo La Tengo, My Bloody Valentine, Mazzy Star and others all mixed together. They are a married couple and Kevin (with his Brian Wilson 70s beard) is a great drummer and arranger and Anita is very cute, great singer and great guitarist (playing real tenderly and then the next moment rocking out with feedback and pedals).

Oh yeah, Orlando Bloom was in the house. He was wearing some 70s rock t-shirt and he looked very much like this guy I was in band with in high school. He was a total '70s rocker and wore Boston t-shirts and played drums.


The Man Called Flinstone

The Man Called Flinstone - Videodetective.com

What??!? There was a Flinstones movie in 1966 and it was a spy parody??!? Huh? Check out this link for a caaarazy '60s spy song. Title is a play of of In Like Flint and Man From U.N.C.L.E. I believe...

Coming out on DVD on Dec 7th.


Why Japan is better than America #143

Tiny plastic wrap for tiny things.

If you want to wrap an apple, why do you have to use such a large sheet? Japan has the answer with its mini-plastic wrap. It's only a couple of inches wide for the smaller things in the world.


Why Japan is better that America #34

The Magic Sponge

This is a sponge that cleans the toughest stains off of anything. It's has very tiny pores. I think I saw it finally advertised in America on "As Seen On TV" commercial. It's about time, America!