Denki Groove dvd

Denki Groove, the Japanese techno unit, is back with a brand new (and previously delayed) DVD release (Region 2 only).

Denki Groove - brand new dvd (Japan: KSBL-5793) Dec. 22, 2004
live performance footage from 1) WIRE 04, 17 July and 2) Rising Sun Rock Festival 2004, 14 August. Tracks: Intro-Garigari Kun, Nothing's Gonna Change, Dareda!, Smileless Smile, I only Wanna Be With You, Denki Biribiri, Fujisan and more. Also includes previously unseen video clip for Cafe de Oni.


Firefox released!

As you can see on the right, I've got a nice banner for the Firefox web browser. This is an open source browser and it's really good. I finally ditched IE after it (or Office) messed up my settings -- now IE doesn't run anyways and I had to re-register all my applications.

Not only that, but there is a great mail client very similar to Outlook called Thunderbird. It's pretty good.

Click on the link. Check it out.


new m-flo single covering Miu Sakamoto

M-Flo's new single, out Nov 17th in Japan features a version of "The Other Side of Love" which was a Ryuichi Sakamoto non-album single that was the first appearance of his daughter Miu as a singer. It was a great track.

M-Flo - new single (Japan: RZCD-45140) Nov. 17, 2004


newmusicmachine is coming...

Sorry about the delay, but I'm still having server logon issues with the old site newmusicmachine.com. Once it is back up, I'll let you know!

old 808 state coming

808 State made it big at the beginning of the techno scene in the very late '80s and very early '90s. Now, Rephlex records (Aphex Twin's label) is now releasing this rare, pre/early 808 state acid/techno material. Should be interesting as their album 90 was a classic!

808 State - Prebuild (UK) October 4, 2004
Sex Mechanic
K .narcossa
Thermo Kings


new HalCali single coming

Halcali - brand new single (FLCF-7090) Oct 20

Henry Mancini Japanese reissues

for release on Oct 20, 2004 in Japan:

Henry Mancini - Breakfast at Tiffany's (BVCM-37534)
Henry Mancini - Charade (BVCM-37535)
Henry Mancini - Two For The Road (BVCM-37536)
Henry Mancini - Hatari! (BVCM-37537)

-ltd. paper sleeve 24bit K2 remasters

But... when are we going to start seeing 2 channel SACD or DVDA's?