Videogame movie cheese in HD

Well, well, well.  HD Net is showing both Cloak & Dagger (Dabney Colman and that ET kid) as well as The Wizard (Fred Savage) in the upcoming week in full HD quality!   Two kids videogame movies back-to-back.  Looking forward to that.

Have to admit I never saw The Wizard but looking forward to seeing old NES games on "the big screen".   

Cloak & Dagger was probably one of the last early 80s videogame tie-in films (ala Tron and The Last Starfighter -- although that game never was completed).  C&D's game was by Atari and was called Agent X and I remember playing it quite voraciously during my 14th or 15th birthday at the old (and no longer there) Malibu Grand Prix in Northridge (a go-cart/arcade paradise).

Reviews to follow!