New Kraftwerk

Saw this on the Japanese HMV site, but it is a forthcoming (June 6th release)

It's a 2 CD set of live Kraftwerk called Minimum-Maximum

Their early live stuff that I've heard was pretty amazing.


Tired: Podcasting

I'm sick of the word Podcasting. The radio station KCRW uses it like in every other sentence. "Can't listen to the radio? Go to the website and get the podcast!" I can't take it anymore. Can't you just "download" like the good old days of 2000? Now you have to "podcast"? Come on!


A dog called chappie..


If they made doggie romance novels, this dude would certainly be on the cover. Nice flowing mane, Lion King!

Robbie Dupree = Michael McDonald?

How come Michael McDonald never covered Robbie Dupree's 1980 classic "Steal Away"? It totally sounds like a Michael McDonald song.