Sean Lennon back with new album finally


Sean Lennon is back with a new album finally. Coming out in September of 2006 on Capitol Records. On his Mysapce page, you can here one final track (Dead Meat) and two demos. All are very nice and mellow. Looking forward to hearing the whole thing. The artwork that MySpace shows while playing Dead Meat is the artwork from Stanley Kubrick's Barry Lyndon.

I was thinking about him today after reading about the Beatles /Cirque De Soleil premiere in which an online article mention him as mysteriously absent.

A year or two before he was arrested for murder, it was rumored that Phil Spector was producing his album. Wonder if there was any truth to that rumor...


Thomas Dolby & George Clinton - the real story

Thomas Dolby’s Blog » Blog Archive » George Clinton

Interesting story on how Thomas Dolby and George Clinton ended up working together. Great story about George in the Bermuda Triangle too!


Yeah, your Ipod is cool, but is it Bible Stylish?

A description that is (as of 6/3/2006 21:15 PST) on the Cowon website for their G3 MP3 player.

What innovation will Cowon come up with next!??!