Japanese Products Part 2 - Nestle Kit Kat - European Cheese

One of my other favorite things to do when going to Japan is visiting Conbini (convenient) stores like Family Mart, 7-11, Lawsons, etc and checking out the Kit Kat section.  Did you know Kit Kat world wide except for United States is made by Nestle, not Hershey?  Not sure why that is.  What I've discovered though is there are tons of special Kit Kat flavors in Japan.  It changes seasonally.  Today, I'm covering one I just found called, *CHEESE*!  It's not just any cheese though, its European cheese!  (American Cheese Kit Kat sounds even more disgusting--I hope it doesn't exist.)  Being in Japan, I'll try anything once so I bought this.

The packaging is a big box, maybe an inch and a half thick.  This is a special flavor so be aware that most of the Kit Kat in Japan does come in the regular plastic wrapping that you'd see in the US.  I like the lock on the side of the box to make it look exotic!  Since this is Japan, everything is mini size (petite it proclaims so you can justify those 25Kcals) and individually wrapped.  The ingredients are:  Cheese paste, Cheese flavor & Cheese powder.  Yum!

Taste?  Well, its still sweet, but it has that definite stinky cheese smell.  Taste is more like a bland white chocolate.  I'm not really getting a cheese taste and I think in this case that is a good thing!    Don't say I really care for it, but I didn't hate it either but the smell is kind of annoying.  Rating: 2 out of 5.

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