Japanese Products Part 1 - Pepsi Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc is a desert.  Sort of a chestnuts and cream thing.  Wikipedia Entry Here. It is very popular in Japan.  I had never heard of it before.  In Japan it is pronounced Mom-bu-lan (at least it sounds like it to me).   Not sure if that is the correct pronunciation as it is French.   My wife loves it; I think it is okay.  Anyway, saw that Pepsi has a Mont Blanc flavor here in Japan.  I got it and tried it.  Kind of like cream soda.  Was alright.  Haven't seen any different Coke or Pepsi Japanese products ever since my journeys to Japan began so I thought this was significant.

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technopop.info said...

I guess people expect pepsi to do a new limited ed flavor every summer so they need sometthing new and appealing. They have the real mont blanc at several japanese cafes in NYC