Groovy town - Call Me with Walter Wanderley & Victor M. on Drums

Rare video of Brazilian super-star organist Walt Wanderley doing the classic "Call Me" to lighten the mood.

I think the audio quality is a little better if you select 480p.  This clip is very '70s.  Walter doesn't seem very happy but it's a pretty groovy version. Unfortunately, they do not show his hands when he does that hyper-staccato thing he does on the keys every once in a while (his trademark?).  Anyone got any video of that??

The opening graphic right away tells you to prepare for awesomeness.  Then you got a polyester paradise and it looks like Walt is sporting a silk ascot...classy!  And sitting on three stacked chairs!  Drummer's got a total 70s 'stash and wavy hair too (not to mention his floral pattern shirt).  Man, I love the '70s.


OK...Spies Like Us comments really coming soon! :)

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