Overanalyzing the "Classics": Smokey & The Bandit

Smokey & The Bandit was on HDnet movies channel the other day (in HD natch). I watched it and I have some questions.

1) They did all this for COORS!!?!?!? WTF? Go drink Bud or some beer.

2) Why when the Bandit goes over a broken bridge his Trans-Am flies into the air as if there was some ramp but when the police cars following him try to do the same, they fall straight into the river??!? What is this, the A-Team?

3) Why didn't the Snowman hate the Bandit? All he does is drive around real fast avoiding the police and getting chicks. Isn't Snowman really doing all the work? Bandit is just occasionally a diversion so that Snowman doesn't get pulled over for speeding? Couldn't they have just taken the tickets, made the party and pay the tickets off with the cash they got?

4) Paul Williams is really that short!?! I didn't realize!

5) On a wild chase through the countryside, how do Bandit's female fans set up a "GO BANDIT" banner in the exact location he is going to drive by? How on earth would they know he would drive on that road at that time? He was changing roads like crazy...he didn't have time to CB his constant position!

6) How come Sally Field's character never tell Bandit that she's being chased because the cop is the father of her to-be husband? Wouldn't he be pissed about that after doing all that work?

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