Target is selling books on transporting Radioactive Material...for Christmas??

Packaging and Transportation of Radioactive Materials Patram 1986/Isp7181: Proceedings of an International Symposium on the Packaging and Transportation ... Series (International Atomic Energy Agency)) Nothing says "Merry Christmas" like receiving a book on the transportation and packaging of radioactive materials, especially if it is from Target (!) Don't forget to read the Guest Review!


Blu-Ray Region Code Info

Blu-Ray Region Code Info

Looks like a pretty thorough website that will tell you if that Blu-Ray disc released outside of the US is region free or not.

Darn it, Wong Kar Wai's My Blueberry Nights is region locked for UK/France! :(


Radio Shack Catalogs

Radio Shack Catalogs

Sweet, sweet 1970s stereo system porn. I now know where my parents got most of their stereo equipment! The 1979 one is particularly funny cover and great picture of Peter Nero inside recommending something. Hilarious!


Robert Siegel's Golden Hollywood - How the West Was Won

Robert Siegel's Golden Hollywood - How the West Was Won

Interesting history of the first dramatic Cinerama picture, How The West Was Won. Lots of old photos (including the Cinerama dome in Hollywood of course) and a good background on how the 3-camera playback system worked (pretty amazing for its time!).


Worldwide Tropical Cyclone Names

Worldwide Tropical Cyclone Names

Wondering where these hurricane names come from? Well, there's an official list. Make sure to scroll down to see hurricane names for other Oceans. Although I'm sure the hurricane itself wouldn't be funny at all, some of the names are. Hurricane Sally or Teddy or Bill don't sound too menacing to me!


Shared items...the new blog

As you may have surmised by now, I'm not updating this blog regularly. Instead, my "Shared Items" on the right are my new updates. There I share interesting articles I find from Google Reader. Hope you like them.


My Blueberry Nights - Good discussion

It's not secret that I'm a Wong Kar Wai fan. I had been waiting to see his first English film since it premiered at Cannes last year. Based on the reviews, I was prepared and had set my expectations low. I enjoyed the film. It was a light Wong Kar Wai but still had many elements from his other films.

This link has a good review of the film. Most of the film critics seem to have just gotten groupthink and outright panned the film which it just doesn't deserve.