Open DNS

If you want to speed up (slightly) the web, you might want to try OpenDNS service. DNS is Domain Name Server and is what your computer uses to translate the text of an http address (like google.com) into the numbers the internet really uses -- IP address ( for example [not google's]).

This company has their own, more effecient DNS server which speeds up the request for IP addresses and also blocks phishing sites. Seems like a good idea. Not sure how they make any money on it though. Privacy policy seems pretty good.

If you are using DSL, click on configuring your router instead of each computer and then all computers will use it.



Patrick said...

Interesting tip! I didn't know about that service.

I'm however suspicious that it can make your Web experience faster. That is, logically, your ISP's domain name servers are right in their network and therefore closer to your computer than any server outside. So unless there's really a problem with your ISP's DNS service (bad reliability or not fresh contents), I don't see much how another service could do better.

Good ideas for the blocking of phishing and adult sites, etc. though! That's something that DNS should had been doing for a long time.

mark said...

The example they use is that it speeds up MySpace loading. LOL. I tried it and it seems like it did, but overall, I didn't see any noticable increase on other sites. And I was wondering what are they doing with my usage...tracking me?? Plus, it doesn't work with VPN at work. You have to do some other modifications.